Jesus Christ Saves our Soul


When the  tomb of all the rulers, princes, emperorers,kings and all the people who are least and great, lies closed forever ,only the tomb of Jesus Christ lies opened. Because Jesus has risen from the death and swells in heaven.Those who believe in Jesus Christ and lead a holy life and seperated from the attractions of the world,can enter into the kingdom of heaven abundantly. My dear friends, we have rules for many things in this world and we ought to obey it.For example -Marriage, Purchasing of the land or house, Death, Birth, getting jobs, quiting jobs etc. etc. etc.If so how more about getting a citizenship in heaven from god. If we like to go to one country to another country or to a planet we have to follow many rules. So I invite your attention to think, if you desire to go to the heavenly world from the earthly world, how much rule we have to follow. And that rules and laws and commandments are in the Holy Bible.only one name is given that is the  name of Jesus Christ for the salvation. He can save us etennally from the earthly world to the Heavenly world.
The name above all the names in the world —Cancer ,Death  liquir, alcohol, drugs, suicide, depression, disappointment, problem in family life, etc, etc, etc. So whoever believe in the name, Lord Jesus Christ, will be saved. Means, only Jesus Christ can save our soul from getting tormented in hell. And we can dwell in heaven with our Lord Jesus Christ eternally-