Joseph’s life foreshadows Christ

Joseph’s life foreshadows Christ.
It is amazing to me to see just how many ways the events of Joseph’s life foreshadow Jesus’ life.  A few of those ways are—

Joseph was loved by his father. (Genesis 37:3)  Jesus was the Father’s beloved Son.  (Matthew 3:17)
Joseph was a shepherd. (Genesis 46:34)  Jesus is the good shepherd.  (John 10:14)
Joseph resists severe temptation from Potipher’s wife. (Genesis 37:7-9)  Jesus resists Satan’s temptations.  (Luke 4:1-13)
God was with Joseph. (Genesis 39:21)  And with Jesus.  (John 3:2)
Joseph’s brothers stole from him the special coat his father gave him. (Genesis 37:23)  Jesus’ seamless robe was taken from Him.  (Matthew 27:28)
Joseph was sold for 20 pieces of silver. (Genesis 37:28)  Jesus was betrayed for 30 pieces of silver.  (Matthew 27:14-16)
Joseph was made a servant. (Psalm 105:17)  Jesus willingly became a servant.  (Philippians 2:7)
Joseph, while innocent (Genesis 40:15), was cast into the dungeon with two criminals…one released while the other was executed. (Genesis 40)  Jesus, though innocent (Luke 23:4,14-15,20,23,41,47), was crucified between two criminals…one died redeemed while the other died lost.  (Luke 23:43)
Others recognized that both Joseph and Jesus had the Spirit of God. (Genesis 41:38, Luke 4:1)
Both Joseph and Jesus are 30 years old when they begin their life’s work. (Genesis 41:46, Luke 3:23)
Joseph and Jesus each prepared a place for his brethren, and received them into it. (Genesis 45:10-11, John 14:1-3)
Joseph wanted all of his family to come to him. (Genesis 45:9-10)  Just as Jesus wants all to believe and come to Him.  (Matthew 11:28, 1 Timothy 2:4)